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Transcending Adolescence is 501c3 non profit organization, that is dedicated to contribute necessary mental strengths and knowledge to progress through each individual's transition. Through SPEAR, we promote forward movement to help transgender adolescents cope with the inevitable challenges they will will face within our society and within themselves.


Support, Physical recreation, Education, Advocacy, Reflection — is the foundation for everything we do and provides the guiding principles of our programs.


Our volunteers are in place to support youth during a time that might be difficult for them. We aim to create a caring environment where staff and volunteers are committed to the safety and well-being of each program participant.


Keeping physically active is key to maintaining good mental health while reducing stress and anxiety, as well as setting a foundation for a healthy future. 


Empowering adolescents is the goal TA staff and participants will continuously empower youth by identifying strengths and raising self awareness- creating a strengths-based program that celebrates achievement in a supportive community.


Participants will develop skills to advocate for themselves and for others. We will also help their support systems become better advocates as well. They will learn ways to speak up for their rights, advance their goals, and live without preconceived notions. Everything we do is rooted in advocacy for our participants and all transgender youth.


We will encourage participants to reflect not just on their experiences at camp, but also on themselves and their thoughts to enhance self-awareness and promote personal growth. Youth will discuss and collaborate with their peers to help each other process their experience with support our of staff in a positive and enlightening environment.

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