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Partnerships & Resources


We’re so grateful for partnerships with incredible organizations like the Queer Trans Project and the Sam & Devorah Trans Mentor Project!

Queer Trans Project

We're committed to making Resilience Retreats accessible to all. Through our partnership with the Queer Trans Project, we're able to offer campers FREE AIRFARE to and from the nearest airport to our retreat location. This is an excellent resource for those who could not otherwise attend Resilience Retreats for any reason. If you need airfare accommodations to join us for an upcoming retreat, make sure to check the corresponding box on our registration form.


Sam & Devorah Trans Mentor Project

Support is one of the most important of our Resilience Retreats’ five pillar curriculum. We feel it is crucial to have access to support systems both during and after retreat sessions. 


Thanks to our partnership with the Trans Mentor Project (TMP) piloted by the Sam & Devorah Foundation, Transcending Adolescence Resilience Retreat (TARR) attendees can keep in touch with their TARR community via TMP’s completely virtual and safely monitored hangout platform created exclusively for TARR attendees.


Trans Mentor Project is a national e-mentoring program that pairs trans and nonbinary teens and young adults (13-24 years) with TGNB adult mentors (23+ years). TMP provides mentees with supportive, identity-affirming mentors who will empower them to meet their personal goals and thrive.


In addition to providing year ‘round access to the community formed at TARR, campers have the option to engage in weekly one-to-one video meetups and have the opportunity to interact with other trans and nonbinary peers across the country through themed discussion groups, workshops, panel discussions, and guest presentations. 


Check out what our friends at Trans Mentor Project are doing to help you stay in touch with others from Transcending Adolescence. This is a great opportunity to create friendships with other trans and nonbinary (TGNB) peers nationwide.


For more information and to apply to be a mentor or mentee please visit their website.

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Collaborate with Transcending Adolescence

We're always looking for new ways to support and strengthen our community. If you're interested in collaborating with Transcending Adolescence, take a look at our partnership and sponsorship opportunities below.

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