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Learn what our campers and their families have to say about their experiences with Transcending Adolescence! 

Words from our Campers & Their Families

“It was the first time that I really had people like me (around me). To be able to see people who have gone through the same stuff as me, and especially to see adults who made it in the world was really huge. It felt nice to have a group that you’ve gotten to know over the weeks that you could really feel [safe] sharing stuff with. But, most of the other times throughout the day it was just, ‘Let’s go have fun, let’s go to the water or do archery.’” — McKenna, camper


“You need to find people who you can talk to about how this feels or that feels, experiences that I don’t have. And that’s what I noticed when he came home, he was much more at ease knowing that he’s not the only one that experiences whatever it is.” — Ann, parent

Campers' Answers to our Program Evaluation Questions

What does support look like to you?

"Support to me looks like helping, caring, and looking out for one another and I feel that this camp has accomplished that in the two years it has been active. I've seen people all the time help one another out, whether it be a camp counselor helping a camper, camper helping a counselor, camper helping camper, etc. It seems as if everyone here is wanting to help out one another to not only make that person feel supported but also support themselves."

"Having friends and family I can rely on, that I can talk to about anything and don’t take me for granted. Also being mentally strong enough to be there for myself."


How has your support system changed?

"I've felt more supported after leaving camp, thanks to the friends I made there."

"Due to TA, I have more friends and a much stronger support system."


What tools &/or coping mechanisms have you gained in your experiences at TA?

"Mindfulness can be practiced in many ways, sometimes you just have to find what works best with you."

"Remembering to breathe through a panic attack, that I can find my voice, that I can get through emotionally and physically difficult times"

"Doing a mini fashion show in my room in front of my plushies for euphoria"


What was your favorite part of camp?

"The experience as a whole, I feel nothing has or will come close to the memories I've had there."

"My favorite part about camp was everything! It would have to be a tie between the lake, rock climbing, making new friends and ice cream."

"The friends I made along the way."

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Backed by Science


Our program at TA is backed up by science! An ongoing program analysis conducted through Yale University, found that after participating in our inaugural resilience retreat, 75% of campers found campfire conversations to be helpful, 25% felt less anxious, 50% reported a decrease in suicidality, and 75% reported that they felt more prepared to handle transphobia.


Our leadership team utilizes the data collected through this program analysis to strengthen the design of our programs from year to year based on the feedback provided by resilience retreat participants. This ensures a unique and engaging program proven to improve health outcomes among TGNB people, all while having fun.


The above poster won 2nd place for the Master's Students Poster Sessions at the 2023 Eastern Nursing Research Society Conference. For any questions regarding our comprehensive program analysis, please reach out to Jacob Hofheimer.

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