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Volunteer with Us!

Become a Volunteer

At Transcending Adolescence, we’re on a mission to create inclusive outdoor spaces for transgender and gender-diverse youth. We believe that change begins with action, and that's where you come in. Volunteer with us and make a lasting impact on the lives of TGNB young people across the country. To be eligible to volunteer, applicants must be at least 22 years old, with the exception of former campers between the ages of 18-20 who are applying to be Junior Counselors.

      Volunteer Application
Please select your gender identity:
How may we address you?
What race(s) do you identify with?
I am interested in the following volunteer roles:
Please select your t-shirt size
First aid

Skills and Interest Inventory

Consider each of the following items and respond with the following code: 1- Experienced and have confidence to lead; 2- Limited experience but could assist in leading this activity; 3- Little or no experience but would like to learn and be able to lead; 4- No experience and no interest 

Game facilitation
Arts & crafts
Fire building
Rock climbing
Hiking/ backpacking
Horseback riding

Please download, complete and sign this NDA form, and upload it below (required for application).

Upload NDA Form

Please download, complete and sign this medical form, and upload it below (required for application).

Upload Medical Form

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! Our team will review your application when we begin staffing our next event. In the meantime, please follow us on social media, subscribe to our mailing list and feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

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Why Volunteer with Transcending Adolescence?

Empowerment: Be a part of a transformative experience that empowers trans and gender-diverse youth to embrace their authentic selves. Your guidance and support can make a world of difference!


Inclusivity: Contribute to a diverse and inclusive community where everyone is celebrated for who they are. Help create a safe haven for young people to express themselves without fear!


Education: Help educate and inform campers about important topics, from self-acceptance to outdoor skillsets, fostering understanding and empathy for a more inclusive world.


Building Lifelong Friendships: Forge connections with campers and fellow volunteers while building a support network that lasts a lifetime.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We offer various volunteer positions to suit your skills and interests:


  • Cabin Counselors: Cabin Counselors must be 22 years old to be considered for the position, Cabin counselors live in the cabin with campers for the entire 5 night/6 day program, acting as a mentor and guide in and out of the cabin. Counselor responsibilities include, but are not limited to, making sure campers get to activities and meals on time, supporting your fellow counselors and junior counselors, leading and acting as support staff for activities, and being available to jump in as needed in other support roles. We also encourage staff to let us know, prior to camp, if there are activities that they may be interested in leading/creating. Most importantly, our counselors are here to create a welcoming, fun, nurturing, and inclusive atmosphere that centers the camper experience, inside and outside of the cabin, for both campers and staff alike. 

  • Mental Health Counselors: Lives in the cabin with campers for the entire 5 night/6 day program, managing homesickness, ongoing mental health problems, and crisisies that arise during the retreat. Mental Health Counselors may be asked to facilitate/co-facilitate campfire conversations and/or one-on-one conversations as needed When not acting in their roles as mental health counselors, these volunteers will act in the same role as Cabin Counselors and will help to lead and support the facilitation of activities. In order to qualify for this position, applicants must be pursuing or have completed a graduate degree in mental health counseling, social work, or another related field. 

  • Junior Counselors: Junior counselors are former campers who will be between the ages of 18-20 at the start of the camp session. Junior counselors act in a staff-like role, assisting in the facilitation of activities and helping out in cabins. Junior counselors will go through a structured program that builds valuable leadership skills, with the goal of progressing to full counselors once they meet the age requirements.

  • Support Staff: Support Staff are individuals who come to camp for a day or two, to assist in the success of camp. Support Staff will not be sleeping in cabins with campers. Support Staff duties include assisting in the facilitation of and participating in activities, stepping in for cabin counselors to provide them with breaks, and acting in other support roles as needed. These vital staff members are here to create a welcoming, fun, nurturing, and inclusive atmosphere that centers the camper experience.

  • Medical Staff: Medical staff will live in the camp health center and will be responsible for the distribution of all medication for campers and in-cabin staff members. These staff members will also be responsible for responding to any and all medical emergencies throughout the retreat, and for providing basic medical care and first aid to campers and staff members as needed. Medical staff will report to a pre-designated medical director. In order to be considered for this position, applicants must be a licensed RN, APRN, PA, DO or MD.

  • Outreach Staff: Outreach staff are here to provide administrative support before and/or during the retreat programs. These volunteers provide their expertise through duties such as social media support/outreach, grant applications, and other administrative duties that fit the mission and needs of Transcending Adolescence.

If you are interested in being a photographer for our retreat programs, please reach out to for more information.


How to Volunteer

Joining our team as a volunteer is a simple process:

  1. Submit Your Application (form available on desktop only): Complete our volunteer application form. Make sure to share your skills, experience and availability.

  2. Interview: We'll reach out for an interview to discuss your interests and how you can contribute.

  3. Training: If selected, you'll receive training to prepare you for your role as a Transcending Adolescence volunteer.

  4. Let the Adventure Begin: Immerse yourself in the camp experience, creating an environment of acceptance and empowerment for all.

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Volunteers Make a Big Difference

Your time and dedication as a volunteer with Transcending Adolescence can have a profound impact on the lives of young trans individuals. Join us in creating a brighter, more inclusive future for them here in Florida and across the country. Thanks for your support!

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